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 Vendors Highlight

Click on the hyperlinks and continue to support and connect with the vendors and educational exhibits that were a part of Greenfest Newark 2023!


Community Offshore Wind

Offshore wind will be critical for the U.S., particularly in the Northeast, to reduce emissions, meet climate goals and create local jobs. Community Offshore Wind understands the importance of meeting these goals and is committed to providing clean and reliable energy, as well as delivering an equitable energy future for all its customers.

Bluepoint Wind

Logo Bluepoint Wind Transparent.png

Bluepoint Wind is a partnership between Ocean Winds, an international offshore wind energy company, and New York-based Global Infrastructure Partners. Together, these companies have a successful track record of over 50 years of experience in development, financing, construction and operation of renewables, including more than 15 years in offshore wind. Bluepoint plans to build an offshore wind farm within its lease area located 53 nm off the coast of NJ. At full capacity, this wind farm will be able to generate 1.7 gigawatts of clean energy - powering up to 900,000 homes and helping NJ meet its carbon emissions reduction goals.

unnamed - Adham El-sherbeini.png

Hydroworks LLC

We design, manufacture, and install devices that remove harmful pollutants from urban stormwater runoff. We have installed 5000+ devices across the United States, Canada, and abroad over the past 20 years.


Java's Compost

Java’s Compost helps make sustainability easy and fun by providing tools and opportunities for people to reduce their food waste. We provide residential and commercial pick up services, drop off programs, and composting consultations. Members can watch their impact in real time, with weekly updated diversion stats on the amount of food their household diverted. The food waste we collect is recycled via composting. 

Lemonaid Foundation for Endometriosis 

Providing resources for Endometriosis; Increasing funding for Endometriosis research; Providing financial, emotional, and community support for “Endo warriors” and their families, doctors, and healthcare providers; Providing financial support to others suffering from rare diseases.

1AF8E538-684F-4439-98C8-3C2E406602A6 - DrAlice Terrell-Bryant (1).jpeg

Isles, Inc.

Instagram: @islesinc @gotrenton Facebook: IslesInc, GOTrenton

Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. Our GOTrenton! service provides affordable on-demand emission-free rides, connecting people to jobs, healthcare, and services. 


New Jersey LCV

New Jersey LCV is the statewide political voice for the environment. We elect environmentally responsible candidates to state and local offices, advocate for strong environmental policies, and hold our elected officials accountable to safeguard the health of our communities, the beauty of our state, and the strength of our economy.

LCVEF_Logo_White_Medium Size - Annecia Steiniger (1).jpg

Newark Yoga Movement

Newark Yoga Movement has worked with the Newark school district since 2009 providing yoga to Pre-K to High School, 

students with special needs, educators, athletes, camps and after school programs. Newark Yoga Movement offers free yoga classes in Newark serval days a week. 


Ase to the Rescue

A wide selection of handmade beauty and wellness remedies

416C9210-50EB-4D78-B568-4F17824BF3F9 - Camiel Johnson.jpeg

South Ward Environmental Alliance

Instagram: southward_ea   Facebook: SouthWardEA

South Ward Environmental Alliance (SWEA), is an alliance of residents and community-based organizations with a focus on environmental justice issues in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey. SWEA's mission is to cultivate healthy and vibrant neighborhoods by ensuring residents' voices are heard and they are active participants in decision making policies that impact their neighborhood. South Ward Environmental Alliance will cultivate residents to be: Informed, Empowered and Engaged on key environmental issues that impact their health and quality of life.

SWEA LOGO-17 - South Ward Environmental Alliance (1).png

Food Freq LLC

Instagram: FoodFreqLLC

Plant based and alkaline food that promotes raised vibrations with Whole and Holistic foods

3241CAB0-9C8F-4A21-808B-A659D947E6FD - Food Frequency.png

The Big Red Kitchen Experience

TBRK Experience stands for something vastly larger than the products and services we sell; a long-term value rooted in the community and an inspiration to the next generation of microbiologists, chemists, farmers, herbalists, doctors, engineers, teachers, and S.T.E.M. ambassadors. Our values, S.T.E.M. principles and our commitment to bringing tangible valued products and services to our customers, make happier, healthier people resulting in stronger families and even stronger communities. 

DF06B577-56DD-4025-9C9F-A60057EDC7A6 - Alexis Fitzgerald.webp

Ironbound Community Corporation

ICC’s Environmental Justice Program works with the community and partners across the city, state, and country to advance the cause of Environmental Justice.  We organize and advocate to inform and activate the community, reduce air emissions and clean up contamination, promote green, non-fossil fuel energy and sustainability, promote proper land use, promote Climate Justice and ensure no further harm by integrating EJ with all other Justice Issues

ICC Opaque - Chloe Desir (1).jpeg

Brick City Rowing

Brick City Rowing was founded in September 2020, with the mission of providing greater access for the students and families of Newark, NJ.  Rowing, as a sport, is ripe with scholarship opportunities and pathways to advancement which we firmly believe our community can take advantage of. Brick City Rowing has the tools and passion to see this through with help from families, business leaders, elected officials, and the community at large.

BCR Full Logo [No Buildings] - Craig A. White II.jpg

Choose Healthy Life

Me and my co-partner Fredricka work for an organization called Choose Healthy Life. This is a grant funded program through our church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. We put together free Health and Wellness events for the community that promote healthy living. The grant allows us to make these events and resources FREE. More information about choose Healthy Life can be found here: We would love to be part of this event to let the community know what we have to offer along with info on our upcoming wellness events.

ADEA749B-B2CF-4FC4-8978-3B73519DB867 - Daphney J.png

New Jersey Electric Vehicle Association

Our mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through education, infrastructure support and demonstration. To do this:   we advocate and educate communities on EVs, renewable energy; through EV shows, public seminars, webinars & radios shows. Work with Environmental Commissions & Municipalities to promote electrification of municipal fleets. Strengthen and unify EV advocates in NJ and Encourage independent EV showcases by members. 

Official NJEVA_logo_20220913.jpg

Trust for Public Land

Quality parks and green spaces are fundamental for sustaining equitable, resilient communities. Access to nature and the outdoors—close to home, in the cities and communities where people live—is a matter of health, equity, and justice. That’s why we work alongside communities across the country to create, protect, and steward the nature-rich places that are vital to human well-being.


Newark Fire Department

The Fire Division is tasked with protecting the lives and property of the citizens of the City of Newark. They accomplish this by fighting fires and responding to sudden medical emergencies and exposure to dangerous conditions whether natural or man-made. Each year, the Fire Division responds to over 16,720 calls for service.


fire dept.png

Urban Agriculture Cooperative

Instagram: urban_ag_coop

Based in Newark, NJ, we are part of the “connective tissue” between farmers, institutions and families

We operate a food hub distributing NJ products through farmer’s markets and wholesale; and consult on several related projects.

In collaboration with the work of many allies, we maintain and inclusive, sustainable, just and caring food economy centering people and our planet. 

UAC Logo - Emilio S. Panasci.png

HDR Engineers

We specialize in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services. While we are most well-known for adding beauty and structure to communities through high-performance buildings and smart infrastructure, we provide much more than that. We create an unshakable foundation for progress because our multidisciplinary teams also include scientists, economists, builders, analysts and artists. HDR has been serving the City of Newark for over 20 years


NYNJ Bay Keeper

Instagram: NYNJBaykeeper

Nonprofit conservation organization that works for clean warer and environmental equity in Newark and throughout the NY/NJHarbor region.


New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance

Instagram: @njejalliance

We are an alliance of New Jersey organizations & individuals committed to creating healthy, sustainable & just communities by eliminating environmental injustices in low income & communities of color.


All about Seniors and Kids

It’s All About the Seniors and Kids provides a high-demand mobile barber and grooming service for individuals in under resourced communities. As a nonprofit organization operating in Newark, New Jersey, It’s All About the Seniors and Kids (IAASK) is a full-service resource to those experiencing challenges, barriers, and/or hardships accessing regularly needed self care and/or an avenue toward a cosmetology education. IAASK is an alternative solution and valuable resource to communities in need.  

Seniors and Kids color final - jermaul williams.tif

Center for Natural Resources

The Center for Natural Resources at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was founded in 2012 to foster sensible approaches for environmental and energy resource utilization. The Center’s specialties include assessment and remediation studies of pollution in natural settings, and evaluation of natural resources for potential production of energy, especially the production of renewable energy. The Center for Natural Resources conducts studies ranging from the microscopic scale to the landscape scale and utilizes advanced networks of sensors.

Center for Natural Resources FINAL 10.3.22 (3) (2) - Meghana Parameswarappa Jayalakshmamma

Liquid Gold Lemonade

Their Mission:
We thrive on building lasting relationships within the community. We strive to produce  local sustainable drinks while using practices that promotes a positive social impact that is based around a passion and craftsmanship.


Newark DIG

NewarkDIG is a community coalition focused on educating and empowering residents, business owners, decision-makers and additional stakeholders with understanding of stormwater management principals, especially the use of green infrastructure to reduce flooding and prevent toxicity. 

NewarkDIGLogotransparent - Newark Green Team (1).png

Ambitious Nutrition

We are a health and wellness branch focusing on health coaching and healthy snacks such as Seamoss Gel, 100% Natural Gluten Free Granola, Fruit Snacks, and trail mix. 

C81BB3F5-15AD-4357-8CFB-FD4BC2EDDF34 - AmbitiousNutrition Support.PNG

Central High School

The Environmental Studies Academy of Central high school is gear towards preparing our scholars for the 21st century in an eco friendly environment while incorporating sustainable practices in our everyday life.


Greater Newark Conservancy

Greater Newark Conservancy fosters collaboration in our community at the intersection of environmental, food, and racial justice to promote the health and well being of Newark residents. Our programs work to reverse the long history of systemic racism to improve social determinants of health by expanding access to green spaces, nutritious food, wellness education, and youth development.

GNC Logo - in white circle - Sarah OLeary.jpg

Ethos Farm to Health

Ethos Farm Project was founded in 2012 by Dr. Ronald Weiss to address the interconnected nature of how agriculture affects human health, planetary health, and our relationship with nature. We do so by producing truly nourishing food to feed our community and restoring the land – all while cultivating and empowering a new generation of farmers and physicians through our hands-on educational programming. Though our practice and farm are physically distant, our ties to Newark are close and run deeply. Since 2015, we have supported Rutgers and the Newark community through academic and community educational programming, mentorship of undergraduate and medical students, and experiences in regenerative, organic agriculture all in an effort to combat our chronic disease epidemic as well as address inequity that exists in our country.   

ETHOSFARMTOHEALTH - saul bautista (1).png

S&A Guyana Cabana

We cook and sell food on our truck we sell West Indian food, which is Caribbean food and drinks


Chef Shani

I am a chef in the area taking a step out of the restaurants to be in community. I have done collaborations with local organizations to promote organic eating and food insecurity awareness. 


Night Fairy Wellness

Night Fairy Wellness is a marketplace for wellness brands and business. We offer a variety of services and products including yoga, birthing services, plants, herbal tea blends, body butters, candles, soaps, etc. 

NFW Flyer logo - Night Fairy.png

Association of NJ Environmental Commissions

The mission of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) is to promote local action to protect and restore New Jersey’s natural resources and ensure equitable, healthy communities. ANJEC advances its mission by engaging in diverse and inclusive practices through leadership, partnerships, education, advocacy for strong public policy and support of environmental commissions, public officials, and communities throughout New Jersey."

2-color ANJEC logo CMYK - Sheila Baker Gujral (1).jpg

Ceres Circular Market

Eco-friendly market place selling plastic free and plant based products 

Ceres - Circular Market-01 - Tatiana Gomez (1).jpg

Branch Brook Park Alliance

BBPA is the nonprofit park conservancy for Essex County Branch Brook Park. We protect and preserve a masterwork of landscape architecture principally through stewardship, workforce development, education, cultural programming, and health and wellness activations. 


Tutu's Green World

We teach the younger generation how to live eco-friendly through a book series, blog, online resources, educational programming, school curriculum and interactive games. 

IMG_3725 - Tulani Thomas (1).JPG
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